A passion for wine

Château Qanafar is a family-owned and run winery with the goal to produce the highest quality wine possible. The key to our ability to produce one of Lebanon’s finest wines is that all our grapes come from 17 hectares of vineyards owned or managed by us. We believe that 95% of any wine’s quality comes from the quality of the grapes, so we never make wine with purchased grapes. Who knows how others manage their vineyards, what they spray (and when!), or if they irrigate to favor berry size instead of flavor?

With all our vineyards being located less than 10 minutes away from the winery, we harvest manually and bring the grapes into the winery immediately ensuring only clean & fresh berries enter our fermentation tanks. Most of our grapes are grown at an average altitude of 1200m on gently sloping & non-irrigated vineyards, yielding wines of exceptional intensity and crisp acidity. Our winemaking philosophy centers on minimal interference, producing wines that are true to our terroir. Cheers!

Green Business Bureau Member

We have recently become a member of the Green Business Bureau, an organization that helps companies honestly assess their environmental performance and identify successes and, more importantly, opportunities for improvement. Click on the logo to view and track our progress!



George Naim George started making wine as a hobby in 2005, he is the reason Chateau Qanafar exists today!
Colette Arslan Colette is the source of creativity behind our brand and leads our public relations efforts.
Eddy Naim Eddy is our winemaker, he studied at UC Davis in California and handles everything from berry to bottle.
Eva Naim Eva leads our sales & marketing activities.




+961.3.126.695 / +961.79.303.051
@ sales@chateauqanafar.com


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