Paradis Rose

Paradis Rose de Qanafar is Château Qanafar’s first rosé wine, initially made purely with our Tempranillo grapes in 2016, and blended with Syrah starting 2017.  We initially tried making red wines with our Tempranillo, with less than mediocre results.  We thought, let us try to make a rosé with the grapes and if successful, we will keep the Tempranillo, if not, we will re-graft the vines with a different varietal.  Well, it was magnificently successful!  Rated as one of Lebanon’s top rosés.  It is as a rosé should be:  lightly colored, elegant, crisp, and refreshing.


Paradis Rose 2016

Paradis Rose 2017

Paradis Rose 2018

Paradis Rose 2019